Monthly Archives: May 2013

A couple of roses in the morn…

the passion of us never seems in public place,i never know . That you feel that or not,becuse i feel our adult time,to feel love,but wont to show,to fallin in love,but wont to tell other. We’re not like other childish couple who get their over,mmm i wrong,we havent legalize yet,i want to express it on virtual world,i will tell it on real world but when you had been mine,either i, i will show it. Even you ever had some one,even you ever got problems which made you surely down,i never hate you,i never call you as my foe,but if you demand me,i cant guarantee that everytime i could be your best friend who keep to make you laugh,to always anser your questions,to ask your condition, and manymore. If you think this is over,no problem,i just perhaps to get you or get someone like you,i love you not as my priority,first to my god,to my parents,to my bro/sist,to my neighbour, and this is your role. And i perhaps you too. 🙂